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HHS Lawyers and Legal Consultants – Dubai, UAE

HHS Lawyers has been one of the prime law firms in Dubai and in the entire UAE for more than 10 years, offering litigation and legal services and advices as every single one in our team is knowledgeable of the UAE law and can represent you in all UAE courts.

We represent our clients across the areas of law, such as criminal, commercial, employment, family, insurance claim, medical malpractice litigations, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution.

Being one of the elite lawyers in Dubai, UAE, our attention is always focused on achieving the best possible results for our clients with our long legal experience in our hands. We have first-class procedures, communications, and response system developed and made especially to ensure that the clients receive a high-level advice and effective solutions whenever they need.

HHS Lawyers has a team that is composed of Dubai lawyers who are well-versed with the rules and regulations about the region. We have lawyers in Abu Dhabi & Sharjah who are educated in the laws of the neighbouring Emirates and they can represent clients in the aforementioned district with confidence in the knowledge they hold, and other lawyers who are specialized and capable of representing clients and protecting their legal rights in any areas.

Law Firm Services in Dubai, UAE

Even in the independent areas of the UAE, HHS Lawyers & Legal Consultants can represent you. We are one of the regulated law firms in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) who can aid you with your need in legal services inside the free zone.

Our comprehensive legal solutions stretch to different scopes, making sure that the clients’ needs, although different, will be met. When it comes to family, company, or real estate disputes, like divorce, fraud, or tenant and landlord misunderstanding, respectively, our divorce lawyers, criminal lawyers, and real estate lawyers in Dubai can handle these cases. We ensure that you are in the right track by guiding you through the laws that should be followed and representing you with excellence and confidence.

As we take pride in having one of the best lawyers in Dubai, we commit to assisting our clients regardless how complicated the case might be. Even if you are not educated with the UAE law, an attorney from HHS Lawyers would definitely be more than willing to step forward and help you grasp the idea of your situation and the corresponding provisions that it falls into.

We have some of the most accredited and recognized advocates and legal consultants in Dubai and across the UAE, aiding people with their legal cases and ensuring their rights with Dubai laws and the ones in the neighboring Emirates.

Practice Areas

Criminal Law Dubai

Criminal Law

Financial crime is any non-violent offense that is committed by or against an individual or corporation and results in a financial loss...

Healthcare Legal Advice


Healthcare sector provides services for treatment of the patient by offering medical care or preventive or rehabilitative or palliative or even sometimes...

Banking & Islamic Banking Legal Advice

Banking & Islamic Banking

Banking law is a body of rules to insure integrity of banking transactions. Banks play a vital role in driving the economy by providing various services....




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